Pro Tools & Music Production


Introduction To Film Scoring

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed for composers of all abilities with little or no knowledge of scoring to picture and multi-media. The course specializes in distinct orchestration and compositional techniques that enable composers to write specifically for post-production projects. Students will also learn how to properly sync their original score to picture.

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  • Introduction, Basic Terms
    • A Score
    • Orchestration
    • Main Theme
    • Secondary Theme
    • Cinematic Music Cues
    • Soundscapes
  • History of Film Music
    • Early Films and Music
    • Beginning of Synchronized Music
    • Scoring Today
  • Film Production
    • The Filmmaking Process
    • Post Production Responsibilities
    • Orchestration, Arranging, Score Production
  • Recording
    • MIDI vs. Live Instrument Tracking
    • Synchronization of Music to Picture
    • Use of DAW for Working on Projects
    • Humanization, Velocity Techniques
    • Tweaking Instrument Sounds
  • Mixing and Mastering Techniques
    • Creating a final product