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Pro Tools & Music Production


Music Production A & B

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Music Production A & B (stands for Artists & Bands) is a highly tailored course designed for anyone involved in the production process of making recordings for artists and bands.  There are many layers to the entire process of working with artists, bands, engineers, managers, record companies, budgets, schedules and on and on.  This course will systematically cover the creative musical process, from pre-production to final masters.  It will also deal with the business side of working with, or being a recording artist or band.

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  • Scheduling:  Studio, Engineer, Rehearsals, Recording Schedules, Cartage, Musicians (if needed), Background Singers (if needed), Mixing, Mastering
  • Recording Process: 
    • Song Selection, Pre-production, Arrangements, Key Selection, Time Management
    • Communication with Artists and Musicians
    • Giving Direction to Artists and Musicians:  Tempo, Feel, Emotion, Arrangement, Instrumentation
    • Organizing and Running an effecient session
    • Track Fixing, Overdubs, Keeping to a schedule
  • Programming Tracks: 
    • Hiring and working with a programmer
      • Budgets
      • Pre-production and arrangements
      • Incorporating programmed tracks into the total production
      • Track assignments and transfer to session
  • Producing Vocals:
    • Critical Listening Techniques
    • Communication with singer
    • Creating a performance with emotion
    • Punching-in vs. Comping multiple performances
    • Mic'ing Techniques, Vocal Chains, Use of Mic Pre's & Compression
    • Scheduling Lead Vocals, allotting adequate time per song
    • Working with Background Singers (if needed)
      • Various singer configurations
      • Stacking Techniques
      • Part Swapping
      • Lead Doubling
  • Mixing:
    • Working with a mix engineer
    • Critical Listening Techniques
    • Communication with engineer
    • Scheduling mix times per song
    • Directing the overall sound of the mix
    • Getting into the weeds with EQ, Compression, Effects, Panning, Balance, Layering, Thinning, Notching, Placements
    • Auditioning mixes and deciding when they are finished
    • Working with Artist or Band to achieve a mutually satisfactory finished product
  • Mastering:
    • Selecting and Budgeting for an outside Mastering Facility
    • Choosing a Mastering Engineer
    • Communicating with the Mastering Engineer
    • Selective Listening to a Raw Mix vs. Mastered Mix
  • Contracts:
    • Band Agreements, between band members
    • Production Agreements, with producers, record companies, 360 Deals
    • Management Agreements