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Pro Tools & Music Production


Pro Tools Discovery

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is specifically designed for the high school and pre-college student who is musically inclined with a desire to become a proficient Pro Tools operator.  Most of these students will have advanced computer skills and at least a working knowledge of some DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as, Logic, Cubase or Pro Tools.  Classes move at a speed commensurate with the average skill level of each class.  This is a perfect, preparatory course for any student who wishes to continue their studies at the college level.

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  • AVID Pro Tools Reference Guide, version 10
  • AVID Pro Tools Shortcuts Guide, version 10
  • Audio Production Hard Drive


  • A quick overview touching on many of the key elements taught in the Pro Tools Basic Operation class
  • Teachers' evaluation of the appropriate scope and speed of each individual class
  • Working with hotkey shortcuts
  • A thorough study of interfaces and mic chain signal flow, including compressors, limiters, mic pre's, etc...
  • Direct line inputs
  • Creating loops
  • Recording live drums
  • Recording synth bass and live bass tracks
  • Setting up and using soft synth plug-ins
  • Mic'ing and direct line recording of keyboards, including a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Hammond C3 Organ with Wurlitzer, Wurlitzer Baby Butterfly Electric Piano, Yamaha Motif
  • Recording acoustic and electric guitars
  • Recording lead and background vocals
  • Recording a brass session, string session, auxilary percussion
  • Editing tracks using all of the available tools in Pro Tools - an extensive study in itself
  • Using EQ, Reverb, Delay, Compression
  • Mixing techniques