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The Studio




Thirteen Degrees Studio is the perfect combination of comfort, elegance and sound quality. Finely crafted by Mark Wenner at Studio Construction Service, our studio boasts a spacious control room, carefully tuned by Carl Tatz Design, overlooking a large, natural sounding vocal booth. Our premier vocal chain includes a Korby Convertible Mic, Martec Mic Preamp and a Summit Compressor.

There is a very large drum and percussion room complete with a fantastic sounding DW drum kit, mic'd and ready to go, as well as, lots of traditional and exotic percussion instruments like Gon Bops Congas, LP Bongos and Authentic Indian Tablas. Drums are run through API Mic Pre's and EQ's.

The large common area of the studio is perfect for strings and horns and also houses a beautiful Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Hammond C3 Organ & Leslie and a very rare Wurlitzer Baby Butterfly Electric Piano.

In the break area of the studio is a turn of the century harvest table perfect for production meetings with clients. There is a fully stocked refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and toaster. Antique cannisters are loaded with a large assortment of snacks.

Thirteen Degrees Studio is an incredible value for anyone on any budget.  Located in Franklin, TN, Thirteen Degrees Studio is convenient for anyone in the greater Nashville, TN area.


Studio Services

Tracking & Overdubs “ We can comfortably record a full section. The drum kit is always mic'd and ready, as is our 7 foot Yamaha C7 Grand Piano.

Mixing & Mastering “ Our control room features Carl Tatz Design's Phantom Focus monitor system.

Total Editing Capabilities “ We specialize in track editing, vocal tuning, video post production.

Complete Record Production “ We have produced records for Curb, RCA, Atlantic, EMI/Manhattan, as well as, many independent artists and bands. We are equally comfortable working in all genres like Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Metal, Jazz etc¦