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Date: 20/04/2019
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The 3 Best Reverb Plugins for $50!

As a music producer, I always pay careful attention to the reverb plugins my engineer, Dave Dillbeck, uses when he mixes.  Lately, Dave has been calling up 3 particular reverbs created by Valhalla DSP, all costing $50.  The first is ValhallaVintageVerb...

VintageVerb has 15 meticulously designed reverb algorithms based on verbs of the 1970's and 80's.  They all sound great with rich, spacial dimension.  The tails are incredibly smooth and natural.  This verb rivals any convolution reverb costing far more.

Staying in the Valhalla family, the other two choices both at $50 are the Valhalla Plate and Valhalla Room.


  • "Valhalla Plate extends the plate reverb into dimensions that real plates can't reach."

  • Valhalla Room features 12 realistic room spaces designed from a "psychoacoustic perpective"


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