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Thursday, 14 January 2016
Free Pro Tools

If you have been thinking about jumping into music production or wanting to learn more about audio engineering, you will be thrilled to know that you can download the industry- standard audio workstation, Pro Tools, for free.  Avid Technology, Inc., the maker of Pro Tools wants you to learn Pro Tools and offers an introductory package called Pro Tools | First, which is a free download available on their website.  This is a scaled down version of the immensely powerful Pro Tools recording software.  They are hoping that by giving you the chance to get your hands on the program that you will become hooked and look into buying your own full-blown set up.  They are most definitely correct.  Once you see all the tools you will have at your disposal to create and record music you will quickly want to upgrade to a total system. 

In the Pro Tools | First system you get 16 audio tracks with loop recording capabilities.  For as little as $30 you can pick up an inexpensive USB Audio Interface like a Behringer U-Phoria UM2 to plug in a mic or instrument and begin recording!  Included in the Pro Tools package is Xpand!2 music synthesizer, a software synthesizer you trigger with any keyboard controller to produce anything from acoustic pianos, strings, brass, percussion, woodwinds, electronic synths, guitars, drums, basses, sound effects, and more.

Other features in Pro Tools | First include a MIDI Editor, Elastic Pitch and Elastic Time, EQ and Dynamics modules for mixing.  If you were a painter, this would be equivalent to having a color palette of red, green, blue and periwinkle.  You will soon want indigo, fuchsia, teal, magenta and color combinations that haven't been invented yet. 

Dive in and explore the program.  Then learn Pro Tools by taking Thirteen Degrees Learning Center's Pro Tools Basic Operation Level One to get you up to speed in a hurry.  We will give you a simple step-by-step introduction covering all of the basics of setting up your sessions, recording, mixing and even doing some quick and easy mastering of your music.  This is perfect for artists, musicians, songwriters and music makers of all types who have relied on expensive studios in the past to create demos or final masters of their music.  With proper instruction, the Pro Tools learning curve can be very doable for anyone new to the world of DAW, Digital Audio Workstations.

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Posted on 01/14/2016 6:59 AM by Ken Barken
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