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Thursday, 28 January 2016
How to get your music into a commercial.

Here's a typical music search from, say, Acme Advertising Agency (no such thing...I think) for a new commercial.  Looking for very well known songs that are light and playful, either children's or with childlike innocence that speak to togetherness, community, friendship and all related themes.  Wow, where do I start to find a song that conveys all of those descriptives and moves the client to use my music?  The typical method for someone finding a song that works for their commercial and for a music creator to have their song found by someone searching, is to use meta tags.  The creator of the music couples a series of search terms to their music that will hopefully trigger their song when the searcher types in key words that describe what they are looking for.  Sound confusing?  Although it's a very common practice, it is a roll-of-the-dice for the musician to have his or her music come up in a random search.

There is a light through the clouds for all the searchers and searchees out there.  It is a new company called Veritonic.  Veritonic is a pioneer in the way music is cataloged and presented to an end user.  The bottom line for any advertiser is to reach their target audience and to evoke a specific set of emotions, feelings and responses from a particular piece of music.  Veritonic has a worldwide network of people who listen to various pieces of music and give their feedback in terms of how the music makes them feel.  They are also pioneering gathering visual responses, both facially and body language, via computer cameras.  All of this data, along with pertinent data about the characteristics of the person listening to the music is sent through a labyrinth of calculations and scored in terms of how relevant the music is for the feeling the client is trying to evoke. Once the Veritonic system is widely used by people looking for music and people looking to place their music in commercials it should level the playing field substantially for the single composer and the mega-libraries.

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Posted on 01/28/2016 1:24 PM by Ken Barken
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